Group Life & Health 

Extended Health Care

Peace of mind...when you need it the most

McNamee & Associates offers your employees and their families the protection and peace of mind they need ... to complement their provincial health insurance coverage.

Group health plans can be customized to meet your employee's needs. A full range of coverage and products/services are available:

  • Managed drug plan
  • Hospital care
  • Home nursing care
  • Medical services and equipment
  • Chiropractic care, massage and physiotherapy
  • Vision care (eye examinations, glasses, contact lenses and laser vision correction)

Dental Care

Flexibility Means More Choices

Dental care benefits provide comprehensive dental services and supplies for plan members and their eligible dependents.

Five levels of coverage are available. At each level, a variety of plan design features, such as co-insurance, deductibles and maximums are offered.

Starting with the basic coverage, plan sponsors have the option of adding more comprehensive services including:

  • endodontics
  • periodontics
  • dentures
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • orthodontics